Partner and creator of textile industry initiatives

President: Jan Wojtysiak, Ph.D.

V-ce President: Bogdan Ignasiak, Ph.D.

The Polish Textile Association invites all scientific-research suppliers in the textile establishment as well as smaller companies to co-operate us with supporting and realising initiatives for the textile industry.

Our association is a non-government organisation. We have covered great intelligent and scientific research potential and we want to be more useful in this difficult time for the Polish textile industry. The professional and social integration of textile environment and co-operation with municipality and other national and international associations and institutions is our goal. We offer a wide range of help in solving problems that are or may be necessary in modernising or reconstructing a company.

We have our own team of top qualified professionals, especially in the areas of:

- evaluating and pricing machinery and equipment,

- solving questions of the textiles, leather goods and shoe material pricing quality,

- removal and assembly of completed production lines, especially of textiles,

- conducting technical and technological start-up of used machines,

- technical recovery of used machines and completing technological lines.

Our activity profile also includes improving and expanding the knowledge of other professionals employed in textile industry by training courses such as:

- work safety courses for the textile industry power engineering services. People who participate in our training can obtain the proper qualification required by the professional power energy industry,

- training with the new textile technologies and techniques,

- adaptation training of co-operation with the nations of the European Community.

We also create good conditions to access knowledge about new technologies by:

- organising lessons, seminars, symposia, conferences etc.,

- organising the presentations and exhibitions of machinery, equipment, installations etc. together with the manufacturers,

- working out normative documentation, policies, expert reports, etc.

We work out common assumptions to important matters for the branch operation e.g.:

- consulting documents, law acts, etc.,

- presenting of the will, risk or destruction that have resulted from the incorrect policies of different authorities.

One unusually important direction of our activity is recommending the co-opeartion of companies, people, goods, machines as well. Such co-operation can be realised by the negotiation or law agreements with observance of the law and understanding between partners. Considering that our 75th anniversary is quite near, we can fully and responsibly outline our great experience we have reached during these years. We would like to take part in the professional life of the textile industry as well as to be helpful for it.



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