Director: Norbert Zawisza

In 1952 Krystyna Kondratiukowa organised the Department of Textiles in the Art Museum in Łódź, which was transformed later into a Branch of the Museum, and in 1960 into the Museum of Textile History established as the Central Museum of Textiles in 1975. The seat of the Museum is “The White Factory”, a magnificent complex of classicist buildings, build by Ludwik Geyer in the years 1835-39.

In its research work, collection and educational activities, the Museum is interested in all aspects of textile production from fibres via textile techniques and technologies to the final textile product. The Museum organises the International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź, at present the oldest and greatest international exhibition promoting contemporary tapestry.


Department of Tapestry

Head: Halina Jurga, Ph.D., Curator

The Department possesses three separate collections: antique tapestries, contemporary textiles, and documentation. In the group of antique tapestries we can find textiles ranging from the 5th century to the first half of the 20th century, characteristic of West European, oriental and Polish weaving. The collection of contemporary textiles reflects the most recent history of Polish tapestry from 1945: jacquards, painted tapestries, rugs, woven tapestries and carpets made in workshops of the “Ład” Art Co-operative, in the art academies of Łódź, Warsaw, Sopot, Poznań, and Cracow, as well as outstanding experimental realisations by internationally renowned Polish artists, prize-winners of the greatest world competitions in Łódź, Kyoto, Lausanne, Venice and Sao Paolo. The collection of documents includes several thousand designs and cartoons of rugs and wall-hangings.

Department of Industrial Textiles

Head: Elżbieta Nowakowska, Curator

The Department is in possession of a collection of industrial textiles which is the largest in Poland and one of the largest in the world, supplemented by sketches, designs, cartoons and technical drawings of fabrics which date back to the beginnings of the 19th century (over 100,000 items). The items constitute a documentation of production and design achievements of all outstanding textile mills in the Łódź region as well as in other main Polish centres.

Department of Fashion

Head: Ewa Sierańska, Curator

The Department collects garment pieces, accessories and iconography materials from the beginning of the 19th century. Of particular importance are items designed by the outstanding fashion creator and stylist Antoine - Antoni Cierplikowski.

Department of Folk Textiles

Head: Lidia Zganiacz, Curator

The collection of folk textiles includes about 4,000 items - various types of decorative and functional fabrics as well as fragments of folk costumes from Polish regions and pre-war Poland. Regions of Asia, Central and South America are represented by collections of high artistic quality.

Department of Textile Technique History

Head: Jan Głowacki, Curator

The objects of the Department’s activity are textile tools, machines and appliances linked with the last two centuries of textile production, especially in the region of Łódź.

Department of Textile Production History

Head: Piotr Jaworski, Curator

The Department collects items and is engaged in scientific research concerning the history of the textile industry in Poland, both in guilds and mills, with special attention to the Łódź industrial region. Particularly interesting is the largest collection in Poland of shares and stocks of Polish textile companies, guild and factory flags, medals and company prints.

Department of Exhibition Organisation

Head: Jolanta Piwońska, Curator

The Museum organises the International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź and about 12-15 exhibitions every year. In the course of its history the Museum exported over 200 exhibitions to several dozen countries.

Department of Education

Head: Barbara Bator, Curator

The Department concentrates upon promotion activities, offers information to individual visitors and groups, organises lessons, lectures, meetings and competitions, e.g. “The International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź As Seen by Young People”.

Library and Archives

Head: Anna Kołodziejczyk, Curator

At present over 12,000 volumes are in the library’s collection - books, specialised journals, exhibition catalogues, old prints - items concerning textiles, historical and contemporary tapestry, art history, costumology, ethnography and folk weaving.


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