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Investigation of Fibre Diameter Distribution in Non-Woven Textiles for Medical Applications in Melt-Blown Polyester Technology

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Manufacturing non-wovens from fibre-grade polyesters by the melt-blown method from a polymer melt causes great technological problems. The structure of non-woven, its properties and characteristics are influenced by such parameters as the moisture of the polymer, the temperature of manufacturing at the separate zones of installation, the output and temperature of the air blowing out the melt, the take-up velocity of the non woven, the distance of the condenser from the spinning nozzle, and the thickness of the fibres received. As the non-wovens discussed are devoted to medical applications and filtration materials an appropriate spatial structure is an important parameter, and the smallest possible fibre thickness is required. The purpose of investigation was the optimisation of the process parameters and the obtaining of the thinnest possible fibres with optimum distribution of thickness, and optimum spatial structure. The manufacturing process allowed to obtain non-wovens which were characterised by the possibilities of shaping their structure in a wide range of parameters and with fibres of diameter from 2 ěm to 14 ěm. For the production of non-wovens of surface mass 110 g/m2, the air flows that allow to receive optimum fibre thickness in the determined conditions were assessed.

Tags: melt-blown technology, non-woven, fibres, polyesters, diameter of fibres, air blow.

Published in issue no 3 (68) / 2008, pages 14–16.


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